Basic Estate Planning Questions – Why Do I Need an Estate Plan?

In today s post on basic estate planning questions we are going to turn our attention to one of the most basic estate planning questions of all. Namely, why is it that people in California need to create an estate plan? If you have been reading our series, you are likely already familiar with several important estate planning concepts and issues, each of which could be enough to cause you to want to make a plan of your own. However, if you are still on the fence about estate planning and need more reasons to get started on the process, perhaps the following questions might help convince you. Basic Question. Does your family know what you want? Beyond making important choices about your estate and other planning topics, estate plans allow you to give your family peace of mind. When you create an estate plan you leave behind clear instructions about exactly what you want to happen after you become incapacitated, or after you die. Your sudden incapacitation or death will leave your famil


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