Basic Estate Planning Questions – What is Elder Law?

In today s blog post in our ongoing series on basic estate planning questions, we are going to focus a bit on the topic of elder law and why it is so important. Most people do not have much experience with elder law, and those who do may not understand exactly what it is an elder law attorney does. To help clarify this important area of the law, here are some basic estate planning questions about it. Basic Estate Planning Question. What is elder law? Elder law is the area of the law that focuses on legal issues that occur primarily because of the aging process. All of us experience significant changes as we age. While many of the changes we experience don t necessarily involve legal questions, some of them do. When these legal questions arise, elder law attorneys are there to help. For example, let s say that you are a senior citizen and have learned that your spouse has been diagnosed with Alzheimer s disease. Does this mean that your spouse is no longer able to make decisions? Do yo


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