Basic Estate Planning Questions: What is Estate Planning?

We have been writing about estate planning topics for a long time on this blog, but our in-depth exploration of the field can leave newcomers wanting. In an effort to provide people new to the field a foundational understanding of estate planning, over the coming days we are going to look at some basic issues. If you are new to estate planning, or just want to give yourself a better grasp of the topic, you will want to follow along with our series. To begin, let s take a look at what, exactly, estate planning is all about. Estates and Estate Planning The first thing you should know about estate planning is, obviously, what an estate is. When lawyers talk about your estate, they re not talking about a large parcel of land or a big house. An estate is simply what you leave behind after you die, or after you become incapacitated. Regardless of your circumstances, everyone has an estate. Estate planning, therefore, is the steps you take while you are still capable that will control what h


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