What Is an Executor?

Probate is a legal process that comes into play if you use a last will to facilitate asset transfers after you pass away. When you create a last will, you name an executor. This is the person who will handle the estate administration tasks. An executor is sometimes referred to as a personal representative.  Traditionally, female executors have been referred to as executrixes.  In California, the person who administers a probate proceeding where there is no will is referred to as an administrator. The executor must guide the estate through probate. The probate court is charged with the responsibility of determining whether or not the will is in fact valid. If there were any challenges to the validity of the will, the arguments would be presented during the probate process. This would certainly complicate things for the executor. Assuming there are no challenges and all interested parties are on the same page, the executor will handle the business of the estate. This will involve t


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