What Is a Supplemental (Special) Needs Trust?

A supplemental needs trust, also known as a special needs trust, is a type of trust that can be used to provide resources for the benefit of a loved one with a disability who is enrolled in government benefit programs. We will look at the details in this post. Medicaid Medicaid is a jointly administered federal/state government program that provides a health care safety net for low-income people. In California, it goes by the name Medi-Cal. To qualify for Medicaid you must have very limited assets. Clearly, many people with disabilities are not in a position to earn a great deal of income, so they can often qualify for Medicaid coverage. When you have a disability, you are probably going to need ongoing medical care and treatment, and this can be very expensive. As a result, Medicaid coverage is invaluable for many people with special needs. Medicaid is going to use your life situation at the time of your application submission to evaluate your eligibility status. Once you have obta


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