Simple Tips To Keep in Mind When Writing a Last Will

People who create an estate plan in Northern California will almost invariably draft a last will and testament as a key part of their plan. When creating your will, you will be called upon to make some very important decisions that will affect your estate after you are gone. Though the form of your will is governed by specific California laws, you are free to make whatever choices you deem appropriate. Your estate planning lawyer will guide you on the process of creating a last will, but as you do so, you might want to consider the following tips. Last Will Tip 1. Realize that your will is only one piece of your overall inheritance plan. In years past, a last will and testament was the only way people could reliably leave inheritances. This popular notion of wills as the primary inheritance tools is widely reflected in popular films, television shows, and books. However, the modern reality is that last wills only make up a single part of a broader inheritance plan. Your plan will almo


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