Why Your Family Needs You to Make an Incapacity Plan

When people in Northern California decide to create an incapacity plan, they quickly come to realize that doing so can be a tremendous benefit for the not only themselves, but also for their families. Should you become incapacitated and lose the ability to make choices or communicate, your family will naturally be affected as well. Your sudden loss of abilities will be an emotional event for them, and one that will leave them less able to address the personal and practical realities that your incapacitation brings up. Here are two reasons why developing an incapacity plan can help your family. An incapacity plan will tell your family what you want. One of the hardest issues that your family will have to deal with if you become incapacitated is deciding what you want. How do you want your property managed? What kind of medical care and treatment you want to accept or refuse? While it’s easy to answer each of these questions if you craft an incapacity plan, not having a plan will leav


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