California Intestacy Laws: What You Should Know

One of the main reasons people choose to create a last will and testament or living trust is because they wish to avoid California’s intestacy laws. Like all other states, California has laws that dictate who will inherit your property should you die without a will, known as laws of intestacy or intestate succession. Creating a will or living trust allows you to choose who will inherit your property. Here is what you need to know about intestacy in California. You don’t get to choose. The main point of creating a will, or other estate planning device such as a living trust, is that it allows you to make choices about how you want to pass along inheritances. If you don’t make this choice the state’s laws do it for you. These laws establish an inheritance plan that applies to all intestate estates automatically. Your closest relatives inherit first. Depending on who survives you after you die, your estate will go to your closest relatives. For example, if you leave behind chi


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