3 Tips for Incapacity Planning

Regardless of your age or circumstances, everyone  should have an incapacity plan. The law allows capable adults to make decisions about what they want to happen to them should they lose their ability to communicate or make choices. This process, known as incapacity planning, involves creating a variety of tools that will record your wishes. Even though your attorney will guide you through the process of creating an incapacity plan that complies with the relevant California and federal laws, there are some steps you have to take that are not necessarily addressed by the legal requirements. To help you create an incapacity plan that will be as good as you can make it, you will want to consider the following tips as you go about the process. Incapacity Planning Tip 1: Do your homework. When you go through the incapacity planning process, you and your attorney will create documents that address various legal issues. Many of these issues hinge upon not only legal terms, but also upon med


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