Serving Under a Power of Attorney: Commonly Asked Questions

If you are ever asked to serve as an agent under a power of attorney, there are several issues you will need to consider before you accept. Serving as an agent comes with both responsibilities and privileges. The person asking you to serve as an agent trusts you enough to offer you the position, but you shouldn’t accept until you have a better understanding of what it entails. Here are some commonly asked questions many people have about serving as an agent under a power of attorney. What will be my responsibility as an agent? That depends. No two power of attorney documents are identical, but all of them will state what decision-making rights you will receive. Powers of attorney are typically divided into two main types: health care and financial. Most powers of attorney will require you to make various types of decisions in certain circumstances. Some powers of attorney are broad in the authority they convey, while others are more limited. In any event, you will have to read the p


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