What Is a Conservatorship?

It is important to consider the eventualities of aging when you are planning your estate. A comprehensive estate plan will address the period of time that will precede your passing. While it may not be the most pleasant thing in the world contemplate, a very significant percentage of senior citizens ultimately become incapacitated. Some people become physically incapacitated and unable to communicate. Others suffer from cognitive impairment. Alzheimer s disease is an enormous threat once you reach an advanced age. The Alzheimer s Association is a good source of information about the disease. According to their website, one out of every eight seniors citizens is an Alzheimer s sufferer. This may sound like a relatively small percentage, but it swells to 45 percent among those who are at least 85 years of age. Once you reach the age of 65, it becomes statistically likely that you will live into your 80s. California Conservatorship Who would handle your affairs if you were to become inca


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