DIY Estate Planning Mistakes That Can Cost You: Part 1

In recent years, the popularity of do-it-yourself estate planning has led to some significant, and often very costly, mistakes. People who try to create estate plans on their own often have little to no experience in the law, and making even a simple mistake as they go about creating a plan they want to rely upon can be serious problem. Over the next two weeks, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the more common do-it-yourself planning mistakes that people make, and why you want to avoid them. Mistake 1. Using a will to avoid probate. A last will and testament is the estate planning tool that many people are most familiar with. Making a will seems like a fairly easy process, and it often is. However, a will that only meets the basic legal requirements of the state of California is not necessarily good enough. There is a significant difference between being a legal will, and being an effective one. To make a truly effective will, you have to add the necessary clauses and pie


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