Why You Need a Power of Attorney and a Will

The idea that you can create a simple estate plan by choosing to create a single document, such as a power of attorney or a will, is something that too many people believe. Do-it-yourself planning sites and books sometimes appeals to people who don’t like the idea of spending money on hiring an attorney to help them create an estate plan. Because of this, people interested in do-it-yourself planning sometimes believe that creating a single tool will be enough. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Relying on what you read in a book or what you find online can be very damaging if you use that information without the guidance of an estate planning lawyer. Estate plans can be very complicated, and a single tool is never enough to accomplish all of your goals. A good plan is like a clock. Each piece serves a specific function, and without all of the pieces together, your plan will not work like it should. Having Only a Will A last will and testament is what most people think of when they


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