Survey: Boomers Say Preserving Family Memories More Important Than Inheritances

According to a recently released study from the Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America, a large majority of baby boomers and other senior say their most important inheritance concern is preserving precious family memories and heirlooms. Family Stories v Inheritances Survey respondents overwhelmingly said that keeping their family history and stories alive is by far their greatest desire when they consider their legacy. 74% of people age 72 and older, as well as a whopping 86% of baby boomers said that preserving such stories is more important to them than leaving a monetary legacy. Only 9% of baby boomer said receiving a large inheritances is important to them, while only 14% of those 72 and older said leaving such inheritances to their families is more important than anything else. Heirlooms and Mementos Part of protecting a family legacy includes preserving mementos and heirlooms that, though they may not have a high dollar value, are nevertheless incredibly important. Baby


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