Can I Give Away Assets to Qualify for Medi-Cal?

The majority of senior citizens will qualify for Medicare when they reach the age of 65. You obtain eligibility through the accrual of retirement credits. You can earn up to four credits per year while you are working and paying taxes. Once you have accumulated 40 credits, you will be qualified for Medicare coverage when you reach the age of eligibility. If you are going to qualify for Medicare at the age of 65, you may wonder why you should concern yourself with Medi-Cal rules and regulations. Medi-Cal is also a government run health insurance program. If you have Medicare, you won t need Medi-Cal at first, and you may not qualify, because Medi-Calis a need-based program. You must be able to demonstrate significant financial need to qualify for Medi-Cal. Working people who plan ahead for retirement are probably not going to be able to come in under the stringent asset and income limits. In spite of the above, Medi-Cal is in fact quite relevant to a very significant percentage of sen


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