Brain-Dead Woman Removed From Life Support After Court Order

Marlise Muñoz, the Fort Worth area pregnant woman whose husband has been fighting to have her removed from life support, was taken off life-sustaining machines after a Texas judge ordered her doctors to comply with her husband’s wishes. We blogged about this case previously, and as it came to gain national prominence, it has served as a national reminder about the importance of estate and incapacity planning. Court Hears Evidence About Brain-Dead Woman The court order brought an end to the legal struggle that began several months ago after Eric Munoz found his wife unconscious on the floor of their home. Marlise Munoz had suffered a pulmonary embolism. Her condition left her brain-dead and had also harmed her fetus. The court found that because Marlise was brain-dead and that her fetus was no longer viable, the hospital should remove her from life support systems as her husband had originally requested. When the saga began, the hospital had refused to honor Eric Munoz’s demand be


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