What Questions Should I Ask an Elder Law Attorney?

You should certainly discuss the future with an experienced and qualified elder law attorney if you want to be comprehensively prepared. There are legal matters that are very relevant to senior citizens, and you should be aware of the facts. In this post we will provide some questions and some basic answers. You can obtain more detailed information when you actually sit down and discuss everything with an elder law attorney in person. 1.) Will Medicare cover all of my health care needs for free? You will qualify for Medicare if you earn 40 retirement credits while you are working and paying taxes. You can earn as many as four credits per year. In 2014, you get one credit for every $1200 that you earn. Once you reach the age of 65, you will qualify for Medicare if you have at least 40 retirement credits. Medicare will pay for most of the covered care and treatment that you receive, but there are out-of-pocket expenses including co-payments, deductibles, and a monthly premium that must


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