Why Your Default Estate Plan Has Already Been Chosen For You

When some people first meet an estate planning lawyer, one of the common questions they have is why they need an estate plan at all. After all, if estate planning is all about making choices that apply after you are dead, you won’t be around to get any benefit from the plan anyway. Right? Not exactly. Estate planning isn’t only about making choices about inheritances or other issues that affect you and your family after you die. It’s also about making choices that affect you and your family while you are still alive. Not only that, but the estate planning choices you can make have already been made for you in most situations. Every state, including California, has estate planning laws that will apply if you don’t get around to making your own choices. Whether you like these laws or not, they will apply to you if you choose not to make an estate plan. Here’s what we mean. Estate Planning and Intestacy Take, for example, your property and inheritance planning. With an inherita


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