Using Your Living Trust Properly: The Schedule of Assets

The essential idea behind a living trust is that it’s an instrument you can use to transfer your property after you die in a private, safe, and relatively cost-effective manner. Almost everyone creating a living trust can use these estate planning tools, and their flexibility makes them quite practical. Knowing that revocable living trusts are useful is a good place to start, but you will need to be prepared to take some specific steps to ensure that you create and use your trust properly. Always consult with an experienced and qualified estate planning lawyer whenever you have a question about what you need to do when using your living trust. In the meantime, learning about the trust schedule of assets and how it is used can give you a much better understanding of this process. Property Inventory A lot of people come to an estate planning attorney without a specific plan. After deciding on an estate planning strategy, identifying your goals, and understanding the steps you need


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