Common Questions About Pet Insurance and Your Estate Plan

For pet owners, taking the time to develop an estate plan that will ensure your pet is cared for after you are gone might require you to incorporate pet insurance. In addition to making a pet trust or taking other steps to protect your furry loved one, pet insurance can be a useful and practical tool. Like all estate planning elements, you will need to carefully consider your needs, abilities, as well as the effects that pet insurance might have on the other elements of your estate plan. Here are some common questions about pet insurance and how it plays a role in your estate planning efforts. Do I need to have pet insurance? Maybe. Like other financial and insurance questions, pet insurance is something that you need to evaluate in light of your current financial abilities and your desires. There are many types of pet insurance, each of which comes with its own benefits and drawbacks. The primary drawback of any insurance policy is, obviously, the premium payments. Pet insurance can


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