Estate Litigation in Sacramento CA: What Happens in Arbitration and Mediation?

Sometimes, legal disputes surrounding estate planning issues don’t end with litigation, but rather as a result of a successful arbitration or mediation process. Even though it isn’t as commonly encountered in estate planning as it is in, for example, contract law, arbitration and mediation is an option in some situations. But what is arbitration and mediation? Most people, even though they might have heard of the terms, don’t really know what these two processes entail. Basically, they are both ways to settle legal disputes outside of court. Instead of filing a lawsuit, parties with legal disagreements use independent arbitrators or mediators to help settle the problem. Even though both arbitration and mediation are not always available, they can be beneficial. Let’s take a look at why these processes can help, as well as the differences between the two. Arbitration or Mediation The primary difference between the mediation process and the arbitration process is that in arbitra


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