3 Big Risks You Take When You Ignore Estate Planning

If you ask the average American whether they have an estate plan, a number of them would likely have no idea what you were talking about. And even if a person knows what estate planning is that doesn’t mean they have taken the time to create one. Estate planning often feels about as enjoyable as planning a trip to the dentist, but there are some pretty big risks you take when you don’t have a plan. Even a simple plan can correct these mistakes, but not having one in place will almost guarantee a bad result. Your estate will very likely lose money. People typically create estate plans to minimize or avoid probate because probate is often very expensive and time-consuming. When you don’t have a plan, you essentially choose to give part of any inheritance you might leave your family to the court, lawyers, accountants, and anyone else your estate will have to pay during the probate process. Your family will be left without guidance. If you are left in the position of being medicall


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