Your Special Needs Children Need You to Act

Parents who have special needs children often need to deal with issues that parents who don’t have special needs children don’t have to face. While all parents need to create a comprehensive estate plan, especially after they have a new child, parents of special needs children have to take a little extra time when they develop their plan so they can address the specific issues relevant to their situation. Let’s take a look at some of the common concerns that parents with special needs children should think about. Guardians As parents, you have the right to choose who will have the legal authority to care for your minor child should you die. In many situations, parents with children who do not have disabilities choose a family member, or even adult children, to act as guardian. But with a special needs child you need to give the selection a little bit more thought. Depending on how much care your child needs, how much time a caregiver has to provide, and other similar issues, se


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