Home Ownership and Revocable Living Trusts

Many homeowners want to create estate plans that allow them to protect their homes and more easily pass them on to their children or inheritors after they die. Because of this, estate planning attorneys often counsel homeowners to create a revocable living trust. Through the trust, the homeowners can transfer title of their real estate into the trust’s name to obtain various benefits. However, using a revocable living trusts to own and transfer property does take some additional work, and these trusts are not suitable for all purposes. Living Trusts and Your Home To create a living trust you have to write a document that details a relationship between you, the person you appoint as a trustee, the person or persons you name as a beneficiary, and the property you transfer into the trust name. Most people who create a revocable living trust serve as the trustee themselves, and also name themselves as the beneficiary. Because of this, the property transferred into the trust will never b


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