Multiple, Alternate, and Co-Agents in Powers of Attorney

A lot of estate plans include different types of powers of attorney. While these documents are very useful, there are some practical limitations you should know about before you make a decision about the agent you choose through your power of attorney. Multiple Agents It’s ok to choose more than one agent when you create multiple powers of attorney as long as you realize that each agent should have a particular responsibility. For example, if you create healthcare and financial powers of attorney, naming a different agent under each is fine. In fact, it’s probably a good idea in some situations because different people may be better at, for example, making financial decisions than others. Alternate Agents It’s also a very good idea to name alternate or replacement agents in each power of attorney you create. A replacement agent will take over the original agent’s responsibilities if the original agent is no longer able or willing to serve. In fact, choosing two or more replac


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