Seniors Can Protect Themselves From Common Victimizations

America is getting older, and as the number of seniors grows, so does the number of people looking to take advantage of the elderly. Every year the number of cases where an elderly person has been swindled, conned, or cheated out of money increases. Also, those who suffer at the hands of con artists often feel ashamed, a feeling that prevents them from seeking help or assistance. To prevent such situations taking place there are several practical steps seniors can take. Here’s a quick review of some of the easier precautions you can employ to protect yourself from being victimized. Charitable Donations Most charities are honest organizations that actually do what they claim to do, but there are some that are entirely fake or otherwise unscrupulous. If a charity asks for a donation, never provide your personal information over the phone. If you want to donate you should first research the organization, and never give cash donations. Paying by check is fine once you are sure the chari


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