Baby Boomers Getting Older, but Ignoring Potential Incapacity

10,000 of them celebrate their 65th birthday everyday, and as they age they will transform the American populace into one that is older and greyer. Yet the common mantra of “60 is the new 40” is, all too often, a crutch that baby boomers rely upon to avoid having to face some serious issues associated with aging. One of these important topics is taking the time to create an estate plan that includes advance health care directives. According to a poll conducted by the Associated Press last year, a large majority of baby boomers do not have any kind of advance medical directive. 64% of them say they have not created a living will, healthcare power of attorney, healthcare proxy, or other medical directive. Even though health directive laws differ significantly from state to state, all states allow you to create some kind of directive that applies only after you have become incapacitated. In California, it is called an Advance Health Care Directive and there is a legislatively created


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