Understanding Essential Legal Concepts

For a lot of people who visit an estate planning lawyer in the Northern California area, the concepts and ideas your attorney likely takes for granted may be entirely foreign to you. The reality is that most people rarely speak to an attorney, and few people have participated in lawsuits or been accused of crimes. If you are new to legal process, have never spoken to a lawyer before, or are feeling a little lost as you discuss estate planning topics, here are some essential legal issues you will need to be aware. Concept 1: The difference between civil and criminal law. One of the most important ideas you should understand when you speak to an estate planning lawyer is the difference between civil and criminal law. Estate planning cases are almost always entirely based on civil law, and criminal law rarely plays a part. In a criminal case, a state, local, or federal prosecutor accuses someone of committing a crime. Only prosecutors can file criminal charges against a person, and once


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