Simple Estate Litigation Prevention Measures

Estate litigation is something every estate plan should try to prevent whenever possible. Litigation can deplete your estate of money, lead to unnecessary delays in transferring inheritances, and involve disagreements that destroy relationships between family members. An estate plan that keeps the possibility of estate litigation in mind, and one that does everything it can to reduce the risk of such conflicts from arising, is something you should consider on as you go through the planning process. Estate Litigation Can Erupt From Unequal Inheritances One of the most common causes of estate litigation is unequal inheritances between family members of equal relationship. Leaving, for example, a large inheritance to one child and no inheritance to another can not only lead to hurt feelings and personal resentment, but can lead to court battles over those inheritances. Even though you are not under any legal obligation to leave an inheritance to your children, siblings, parents, or other


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