Your New Year’s Resolution Should be to Make an Estate Plan

If you do not yet have an estate plan, you should make 2014 your year to create one. Whether you are a young adult, senior citizen, or anyone in between, you absolutely need an estate plan in place. Having the right plan will not only give you peace of mind, but will afford you and your family significant protections. Yet making a resolution is much different than actually sticking to it. Millions of Americans make resolutions every year to lose weight, save more money, or any number of other goals and never compete them. Fortunately, behavioral researchers have shed a lot of light on what it takes to set a goal, stick to it, and accomplish it. Here are a pair of practical tips you can use to make sure that 2014 is your year to create an estate plan. Tip 1. Use social pressure to your advantage. All of us are social beings who need to feel the sense that we are part of society and are accepted by others. Part of this pressure comes from complying with societal norms. Fortunately, you


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