Common Questions About Asset Protection in Sacramento CA

When people hear the term “asset protection,” they usually either know very little about it, or have some idea that it’s what rich people do. While it’s true that wealthy people are more likely to have an asset protection plan, people of moderate means can benefit from them as well. Basically, asset protection is what you do to keep your assets safe from those who would try to take them. This primarily involves protecting your assets from judgment creditors. A judgment creditor is someone who files a lawsuit against you, wins, and seeks to collect on that judgment by taking your assets. Who needs asset protectio? A lot of people who seek to create asset protection strategies are those who have a lot of wealth. However, this is also the source of one of the many common misperceptions about asset protection. Just because you don’t have a lot of wealth doesn’t mean that asset protection is not something you should look at. Many people who are worried about facing a lawsuit, t


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