The Question of What to do With Personal Property in Your Estate

Whether you have a large or small estate, developing an estate plan is the best way to avoid potential conflicts between your family members that could arise after your death. Regardless of the specific inheritance choices you make, simply making those choices and letting your family know what your wishes are will go a long way in preventing conflicts. One of the best ways to ensure that your family doesn’t end up fighting over what you leave behind is to come up with a plan that specifically addresses personal property. What is personal property? It’s the lifetime of accumulated household knickknacks, family photos, prized heirlooms, or other items that have sentimental and personal value but probably not much of a dollar value. Despite not being worth much money, these types of personal items can easily lead to family conflict if your loved ones cannot agree how to divide them after you are dead. To head off potential conflicts, you will want to specifically address how to divid


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